Product code: GB1997-BP-BCM
Backpack using genti vanti original PVC. The size feeling slightly smaller than the large capacity GB 1993 is perfect for everyday use. Roll top style with adjustable height according to the amount of luggage. You can access the main storage from fasteners equipped on the side, and you can withdraw your baggage even with the top cover closed. The point of this bag is to be able to change the gore width of the main room by adjusting the side strap. Luxury design with accented leather is a perfect dish for both business and casual wear. 

Characterized by an exquisite balance camouflage pattern that makes different appearance in the manner of lighting. A deep black gradation gives a sense of three-dimensionality, making it a calm impression. In addition, using Saffiano leather makes you feel a tight luxury feeling. 

Body color: BLACK CAMO 
Leather color: Black (embossed leather) 
Size: W31 × H40-60 × D14 
Material: Cowhide · PVC 
Made in Japan 

For all people with bags of GENTIL BANDIT, only one original bag in the world As you can have, we can make special items only for customers who applied the initials. (Paid) 

■ Delivery Time ■ 
Late October, 2018 (Reservation Sales) 

* If you wish to order the initial order, we will receive a time of about 1 week plus from the above estimate.

$ 530.12

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